Thermal protector - How and when to use? Myths and truths about the product

Have you ever heard of thermal protector for hair? Have you ever used it? If not, then come and discover the importance of this product for hair health. Get additional info at best heat protectant for fine hair

The vast majority of women are very concerned about their hair. Furthermore, this portion of women is looking for procedures and products that make their hair look like magazine cover and shampoo advertisements. So, if you are part of this group, we have come to introduce you to the thermal protector.

But, first of all, have you heard about this product? Do you know what it is for? If not, continue to follow us because we have separated all the necessary information for you about him.

Furthermore, after reading this article, we are sure that you will not be able to do without it in your daily life. Especially, if you use a lot of hairdryer and flat iron, for example.

What is the thermal protector?

First, the thermal protector is a product, widely used in beauty salons, before the flat iron, the dryer, the babyliss, the brushing and the diffuser. Above all, it is worth mentioning that this product is extremely important for hair health. So much so that the professionals indicate that women use it daily.

It is worth mentioning that even if you are going to give your hair a quick dry before leaving home, it is important not to forget to apply the thermal protector. In fact, if you don't have this custom, we came here to let you know more about it. Because, it can save your hair from heat damage.

Basically, this product creates a protective layer around the wires to prevent the heat from the tools drying out and breaking the hair. In addition to avoiding the much-feared frizz.

It also helps to defend against UV rays, acting as a kind of sunscreen. Therefore, this product protects the health of your hair.

When to use?

A priori, they are recommended to iron before using the babyliss, the flat iron and the dryer. Therefore, every time you are going to use these thermal tools, it is essential that you pre-apply to the hair. Even because, you want to leave your hair like magazine cover hair, right?

Because, as we already said, this product will protect your hair from the heat of these tools. In addition to facilitating drying. That is, you will spend less time with that noise of the dryer and that heat on your head. This product also promotes greater durability to the hairstyle.

But, it is necessary to follow the order of application that we have already mentioned. This is because there is no point in applying the thermal protector after using the tools that heat the wires.

How to apply the product?

A priori, your hair must be damp. But, calm down, it's damp and not soggy. Therefore, try to remove excess water from your hair before applying the thermal protector, using a towel or waiting for it to dry naturally for a while.

Then, just put the product in your hands, before applying it to the wires. This is because it is important that you heat the thermal protector a little in your hands.

There are also spray versions. In that case, you just need to spray all the hair.

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